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We Make Learning (And Teaching) Fun!

Would you like to develop a career in early childhood education that is fun, fulfilling, and meaningful? Why not apply to join our Shaws Preschool Family!

A day-in-the-life of a Shaws Preschool teacher is all about making learning fun, building relationships, and nurturing tiny humans to grow into all-rounded, beautiful souls. And we have a whale of a time doing it, because, at Shaws, play takes centre stage—every single day! Watch the video to learn what we do.

Our Mission and Values

As Singapore’s leading play-based preschool, our mission is to use play to inspire children to love learning, build their academic foundation, and shape their character so that they can contribute meaningfully to society in the future.

Learning Through Play

Learning is play-based and fun.

Passion For Children

We love what we do and who we do it for.

Multicultural Environment

We embrace a culturally diverse learning setting.

Learning From Failure

We encourage our children to keep trying.

Quality Teaching

Our teachers possess hard and heart skills.


We support those in our circle.

What Does a Preschool Teacher Do at Shaws

Quite simply, you will be put in charge of play! Your role is to bring our ShawsPlay curriculum combining inquiry-based learning and play-based approaches to life.

As a preschool teacher at Shaws, you will introduce the children to a subject, and help them take the lead in exploring the topic in an engaging and playful way. You will also provide our children with a fun environment to enjoy learning—designing experience-rich hands-on activities that prepare them for formal school and life in general.

PS — Our teachers don’t just teach your little ones to memorize the alphabet, do mathematical worksheets, or tell them to paint by numbers. They teach them all this through play!

Why You Should Work as a Preschool Teacher at Shaws

There isn’t a dull moment at Shaws Preschool. Each day as a preschool teacher is full of fun, fulfilling, and fabulous moments!

As a Shaws Preschool teacher, your creativity will be put to the test. We will guide you on how we create engaging, entertaining, and enriching learning activities that promote social, cognitive, and emotional development in our preschool children.

We care about our teachers as much as we care about the children. Shaws Preschool takes pride in offering professional opportunities for our teachers to develop and grow, to become the best mentors and educators.

Your heart will also swell with pride and passion when the little ones under your charge grow and develop in leaps and bounds. Every Shaws Preschool graduate is confident, resilient, and active, ready to tackle the challenges of primary school education.

Most importantly, being a Shaws Preschool teacher isn’t a job; it’s like joining a fun-loving family.

Why We Love Being Preschool Teachers at Shaws

Don’t just take our word for why you should join us—let our preschool teachers tell you themselves!

“Hello everyone, I’m Cui Laoshi from the Mountbatten campus. In a blink of an eye, I’ve been working with Shaws for more than eight years. I started as an inexperienced teacher, and am now a Lead Chinese Language teacher.  I’m grateful for Shaws for offering me opportunities to grow and allowing me room to try out different fun and engaging ways to teach the children. I’m heartened to know that Shaws takes the Chinese curriculum seriously, letting me stay in a job that I adore tremendously.

In my next chapter with Shaws, I hope to continue my love and passion for the job and, most importantly, challenge myself in my teaching and leadership capability.”

Cui Laoshi
Lead teacher, Chinese Language

“I’m Charlyn and I am one of the Curriculum Specialists of Shaws Preschool. I am in my 14th year at Shaws. I joined the Mountbatten campus as a teacher before becoming a principal. Presently, I am part of the Shaws Curriculum team, which works with the five campuses.

It goes without saying that I love working at Shaws. The school’s philosophy of “learning is an adventure” is the same as what I believe in: Happy children makes happy learners. Having a diverse group of students and teachers at Shaws is also like working with a global community. In addition to that, Shaws allowed me to develop professionally, from a teacher to a centre leader. Incomparable support was given to me by my colleagues and the management.

So if you’re looking for a place to work and have fun, to help children grow, to hone your skills and progress in your career, Shaws Preschool may be the right place for you.”

Ms. Charlyn
Curriculum Specialist

“Hi Everyone!

I’m Liu Jia, and I’m from the Shaws KPO Campus. I’ve been part of the Shaws family for almost 10 years!

I love being a teacher at Shaws, because:

  1. I love the play-based learning concept
  2. I love my colleagues, there is great comaraderie among the staff, everyone is always so willing to help one another
  3. The kids! They are curious, active and absolutely wonderful. I look forward to spending time with them every day.

I hope for Shaws to stay true to its ideals, continue to innovate and become the leader in the preschool industry.”

Liu Laoshi

“I’m Thika from our Mountbatten campus.  I have been with Shaws for 3 years. Shaws provides many learning opportunities and career development plans.

Shaws is a forward-thinking, supportive company that realizes employees are their greatest asset.

It has been my pleasure to work for such a wonderful company, with wonderful leadership. I’m so happy to be here and absolutely love the people I work with!”

Ms. Thika

Hola! My name is Ms Ali from Shaws Braddell. I’ve been with Shaws for over 4 years. I love being a Shaws teacher because each student and co-teacher is filled with uniqueness. Interacting with everyone here keeps me on my toes with no chance of being bored. It’s an opportunity for me to grow, develop, and change as I gain more teaching experience. I believe that students (and Teachers) from Shaws Preschool turn out to be confident, creative, and resilient.

Ms. Ali
Shaws Braddell

Join in the Fun at Shaws

Enrollment Manager

Job Type: Full-time
Job Type: All Campuses

To support the Principal and managers in their role of ensuring excellent service offered to our par

Administrative Assistant

Job Type: full-time
Job Type: Mountbatten campus

To support the Principal and managers in their role of ensuring excellent service offered to our par

Assistant Teacher

Job Type: full-time
Job Type: Tanjong Katong campus, Braddell Heights campus, Lorong Chuan campus

At Shaws, every day is an adventure in learning and growing, for our children and our teachers too.

Preschool Teacher

Job Type: Full-time
Job Type: East Coast Area

At Shaws, every day is an adventure in learning and growing, for our children and our teachers too.

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