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When was Shaws established?

Shaws Preschool was established by Lucy Shaw in 1989. That makes us 30 years old!

Do you have open houses?
We host 2 open houses per year, usually in March and August on a Saturday. We do not offer any deals or discounts during these open houses.
Can I visit the campuses?

Yes you are welcome to do so! We receive visitors during weekdays, by appointment, at the following time slots:
– 9.30 to 11am
– 3 to 5.30pm.
Do let us know the date and time that works for you, so we can schedule your visit.

Do you have a trial period?
Yes we do. Our trial period is 1 month from the date you enrol your child. Should you decide that your child is not ready, you are able to withdraw in the first month and we will return your deposit fully. After the first month, our normal withdrawal policy applies.
What do I do if I need to change my child's start date?
The school must receive a minimum of two months notice in order to try to accommodate a new start date. The new start date will be subject to availability of our enrolment schedule.
What kind of food will be served to my child?
We serve food that has no pork, no beef and no processed foods. The rice we use is also 100% whole grain rice. Vegetarian and no-salt options are available upon request.
How would we handle bullying?
We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. We always work with parents and children to ensure our schools are safe and happy.
What are your teacher's qualifications?

All of our teachers are qualified as per ECDA guidelines.

How do you discipline our children?
We talk to our children about the behavioural expectations for each age group and work closely with parents if there are any areas of concern.
Do you use aircon or fans?
We use both. If the weather is very hot, we will use the aircon in order to keep everyone at a conducive temperature. All our class rooms have ceiling fans and we use those as well as opening the window whenever possible.
Do you have bus services?
We are able to provide quotes from our long standing bus company for either one or two ways, should you require bus transportation for your child.
Do you have any optional activities?
Optional activities are only applicable from N1/N2 and older. The cost varies with the programme, for example, Shaws Little League (at the Cage), Swimming (at a local swimming pool), Art, Hindi and Robotics.
Which are the schools that children go to after graduating?

We prepare children for all schools – local and international schools.  Some of the schools our children moved on to after graduation in 2017 to 2018 include:-

For the East side – Tao Nan Primary, Khong Hwa Primary, Haig Girls, CHIJ Katong Primary, Ngee Ann Primary, Temasek Primary, St Stephens Primary, Tanjong Katong Primary, Opera Estate Primary, Canadian International School, Eton House.

For the Serangoon Side – Anglo Chinese School, St Joseph’s International, CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary, Maris Stella Primary, St Gabriel’s Primary, Australian International School, Stamford American School.

What is the enrolment cost?

Our enrollment cost consist of:
– $500 non-refundable booking fee
– 1 month’s deposit for the programme of your choice (refundable on withdrawal)
– 1 month’s advanced fees’

What are some other costs that I should be aware of?
The following are some additional costs that may be relevant to you:
– Uniform top: $15
– Uniform shorts: $15
– Mattress: $40 (applicable for full-day children)
– Excursions: 2 to 3 per term. The cost varies but most are already included in the school fee.
– Optional activities: Applicable from N1/N2 and older, strictly optional, cost varies with programme.
– Readers: This is already included in the school fees. The price ranges from $30 to $72 per year for Chinese readers; from $45 to $80 per year for English readers (depending on level). Additional readers, if required, may be chargeable.
– K2 Journals, Diaries and Exercise books: These will be given free of charge. But should they be lost or spoilt, replacement charges will be incurred ($2 – $10 depending on the publication).
What is your settling in policy?
– Only 1 adult will be needed to settle your child (any more may confuse or upset your child).
– This person should preferably be the same person over the settling period and is welcome to stay for a few days either for a few hours or for the whole morning.
– It is common for it to take three weeks or more for a child to fully settle in, but our teachers will do their best to encourage them to settle as quickly as possible.
– At the one-month stage we email you with our observations as to how well your child is settling in.
– Also, at the point you leave your child in the classroom with their new friends and teachers. We will set up a Whatsapp chat with you to show you how your child is doing.
– Before you join we will request for you to complete an ‘all about me’ form, giving us lots of details about your child so we are able to help comfort and distract them if they become unsettled.
What is your withdrawal policy?
Our withdrawal policy after the first month is 2 months’ notice with the last day being the last day of the month.
What are your health check protocols?

The following are the health protocols that we abide to:
– Children’s temperature, hands and mouth are checked when they arrive at school.
– If they have a fever or if they have unexplained spots, they will be asked to go home until the fever or spots have cleared.
– Our record for HFMD cases is very good (for more information please check ECDA/MOE/MOH website).
– If there are cases of HFMD or any illness that should be reported as per the ECDA guidelines, we will place a note on the door of the school as well as our schools online communication portal.

What is your haze protocol?
If the 24 hour PSI reading is between 91 and 191, we will:
– Cancel all outdoor activities for the children
– Reduce physical indoor activities and exercises for children
– Monitor the health situation of all children closely

If the 24 hour PSI reading is above 200, we will:
– Cancel all indoor and outdoor physical activities for children
– Keep children strictly indoors, close all doors and windows
– Continue to monitor the health situation of all children closely

If the 24 hour PSI reading is above 300, we have been advised to:
– No outdoor activities
– Scale down on all indoor activities for children
– Keep children strictly indoors, close all doors and windows
– Continue to monitor the health and situation of all children closely

Please note that despite the PSI index, should we feel that the air is bad, we will keep the children indoors. Whatever the PSI reading, children who have respiratory conditions or any child who experiences discomfort may request to remain indoors.

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