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Shaws Preschool was conceived with a clear objective in mind—to provide a different type of preschool education in Singapore. One which no longer had boring lessons or top down teaching. That was why we established the first preschool in Singapore that emphasised play as a learning experience.

Our lessons are carefully planned to encourage your children to express themselves, work as a team, explore topics and most importantly have fun! Your child will be well prepared for later schooling—and life—with the care of our dedicated, trained and professional staff.

Our History

1989 | Where It All Began

Shaws Preschool was established 30 years ago by our founder Lucy Shaw.

Our preschool flourished because we offered something different compared to the traditional, strictly academic model. We were one of the first play based preschools which emphasised on using purposeful play to teach children. 

Our History

2017 | Expanding Influence

In 2017, we opened our Shaws Lorong Chuan Campus expanding in the Serangoon neighbourhood. Together with Braddell Heights Campus and our East Coast schools, we have helped to grow and nurture over 15’500 children.

Our History

Shaws was the first preschool to include sports and outdoor play as integral and regular components of the curriculum. Today, the Shaws Preschool curriculum includes sports coaching twice a week conducted by coaches from Shaws Little League.

Shaws Mission and Values

Our mission is to inspire your child with a love for learning, establish their foundational academic proficiency, and build their character so that they will be impactful contributors of society in the future.

Learning Through Play

Learning will be play based and made fun.

Passion For Children

We love what we do and who we do it for.

Multicultural Environment

Our classrooms will be culturally diverse.

Learning From Failure

We want your child to keep trying.

Quality Teaching

Our teachers possess hard and heart skills.


Unparalleled support will be given to you.

Meet our Educators


Liane Shaw

Chief Play Officer

Imeelia Ismail-Tan

Head of Schools

Olive Koh

Olive Koh

Head of Enrollments

Namitha Nandakumar

Head of Human Resources

Carla Bowe

Head of Branding and Marketing Operations

Felicia Wong

Head of Finance and Administration

Our Principals

Geraldine Merican Choo

Katong Post

Salmi Razali

Tanjong Katong

Yvonne Lim


Iqlimah Zain

Braddell Heights

Deborah Shaw

Deborah Shaw

Lorong Chuan

Our Curriculum Specialists

Imeelia Ismail-Tan

Head of Curriculum

Serina Teo

Curriculum Specialist

Charlyn Chua

Curriculum Specialist

Gao Yuan

Curriculum Specialist

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