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Singapore’s First Play based Preschool

We were conceived with a clear objective in mind, to provide a different type of preschool education in Singapore. One which no longer had boring lessons or top down teaching. That was why we established the first preschool in Singapore that emphasised play as a learning experience.

Our lessons are spontaneous and will allow your children to express themselves, work as a team, explore topics and most importantly have fun! Your child will be well prepared for later schooling and life in the care of our dedicated, trained and professional staff.  

Our History

1989 | Where It All Began

Shaws Preschool was established 30 years ago by our founder Lucy Shaw.

Our preschool flourished because we offered something different compared to the traditional, strictly academic model. We were one of the first play based preschools which emphasised on using purposeful play to teach children. 

Our History

2017 | Expanding Influence

In 2017, we opened our 6th Shaws Campus in Lorong Chuan to bring our play based preschool closer to residents. Together with the other 5 preschools in the Serangoon and East Coast precinct, we have grown and nurtured over 350 children. 

Our History

First preschool to include sports as an integral and compulsory component of the curriculum. Today, the Shaws Preschool curriculum includes sports coaching twice a week conducted by coaches from Shaws Little League.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to inspire your child with a love for learning, establish their foundational academic proficiency and build their character to become impactful contributors of society in the future.

Learning Through Play

Learning will be play based and made fun.

Passion For Children

We love what we do and who we do it for.

Multicultural Environment

Our classrooms will be culturally diverse.

Learning From Failure

We want your child to keep trying.

Quality Teaching

Our teachers possess hard and heart skills.


Unparalleled support will be given to you.

Meet our Educators


Mak Kit Meng

Group Principal

Imeelia Ismail-Tan

Head of Curriculum

Dana Newman

Head of Enrolments

Namitha Nandakumar

Head of Human Resources

Carla Bowe

Head of Branding and Marketing Operations

Serene Lua

Head of Finance and Administration

Our Principals

Our Curriculum Specialists


Our Parents' Testimonials


We love the school's belief that life is an educational adventure, beyond just text books, and children learn more outdoors than indoors. We also really like the school campus - the beautiful quirky building and the playground. The teachers that Qaveri has had through the years have been outstanding. They’ve been equal partners with us (the parents) in developing our child into this well-rounded young lady she is today. We are also so pleased with the parents' community that has formed over the years.

Raj and Polly (Mountbatten Campus)
Parents of Qaveri

A few of our friends send their kids to Shaws and have only good things to say about this brand. We love that Shaws encourage outdoor play; kids in Singapore spend too much time being cooped up at home! Little League is also a big plus for us because Adam gets a gentle introduction to different forms of sports. Adam also looks forward to water play every Wednesday and show and tell every Monday. Lastly, the teachers are amazing! They are very approachable and know Adam very well. I am awed by how much energy they have.

Nabil and Priscilla (Lorong Chuan Campus)
Parents of Adam

We chose Shaws because their play based learning approach was inline with how we wanted to expose our child to education at an early age. We love that our son gets to do things like the evening play at the mud kitchen, something that we ourselves enjoyed as kids. Kobe loves Tuesdays because of Shaws Little League!


Arvind and Marina (Mountbatten Campus)
Parents of Kobe

We got a really positive vibe when we visited the school. The Lorong Chuan branch had just opened when we visited and only had a handful of students. But it already felt like a genuinely happy place, with kind, enthusiastic and warm teachers. It also ticked all the boxes for us, with a play-based curriculum, equal emphasis on English and Mandarin, good class sizes and lots of outdoor time. We are thrilled by how much Ellie loves going to school – she’s always upset when she’s ill and has to stay home. She loves her friends, her teachers and her coaches, and always runs off to play as soon as we get to school. She particularly looks forward to water play, sports and after-school swimming lessons.

Ben and Jolene (Lorong Chuan Campus)
Parents of Ellie

Children learn through play. Hands on education. The school focuses on the children’s interests. Bilingual school. Larger than average outside open play area. Multicultural environment. These are some of the reasons why we chose Shaws to be the preschool for our children. Our daughters love the variety of activities that the school has. Especially the show and tell and dress ups.

Marta and Jordi (Mountbatten Campus)
Parents of Martina and Mariona

The school was recommended to us by multiple parents when we moved to Singapore 2 years ago. The happy environment left deep impressions on our minds when we first visited the school. The teachers were friendly and lively! The way we saw them interacting with the young kids felt just right. We placed ourselves on the waitlist and were thrilled when we did get the slot! The school's focus on character based alphabets, the reputation of being the first play based preschool in Singapore and the actual attention to sports outside the classroom clinched it for us. Our child has been going there for close to a year now and we're pleased to see his growth and his happy face while going in! They love the show and tell sessions and sports time.

Megha and Avijit (Mountbatten Campus)
Parents of Abir

We liked that Shaws is truly a play based preschool. The small size of the Katong campus made it feel more intimate and this allowed us to get to know most of the teachers and children. We really like the sense of community that has been built at Shaws. We have a lovely community of staff, children and parents at Shaws and we are very grateful for them being present in our parenting journey. Thomas enjoys being with the teachers and learning from them because they are so caring and nurturing.

Chris and Rhonda (Katong Campus)
Parents of Thomas

I like how Shaws has a very homely feel. The school compound is in a house with an inviting garden and space for kids to run and play in the fresh air. The staff are also friendly, nurturing and invested in my children. Curriculum-wise, I like how there is a right balance between academia and sports, and encouraging the kids without mollycoddling them. My children enjoy the learning games, sports and cookery classes. They have grown close to their classmates and I feel that that can only happen in an environment which they feel happy and safe in.

Karen (Braddell Heights Campus)
Parents of Rebecca and Ben

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