Ask Me Anything Series

Learn all you need to know about how we do things here at Shaws Preschool!

Why enrol your child at Shaws Preschool?

Why developing confidence has a lasting effect

Why is Sport so important for preschoolers?

Why choose play-based learning for your child?

Can play help children in reading and writing?

In play-based learning, the child is the centre of the learning.

Is it important to expose our children to technology?

How is sport related to learning?

What are Executive Functions

Executive Function Development Stages

Executive Functions + A.I.

What’s in a Play-based Preschool Curriculum

Learning in a Play-based Preschool

Shaws Talk – Ask The Expert Series

Our experts share their views on a wide range of topics here!

Episode 1: Building Resilience (with our children) in Challenging Times!

Episode 2: Helping Your Child Ease Back into Preschool!

Episode 3: How Will Shaws Keep My Child Safe at School?

Episode 4:The Serious Business of PLAY

Episode 5: Preparing our K2 children for Primary School

Episode 6: What are the foundations of Success?

How We Learn at Shaws Preschool

Everyday is a play based learning adventure!

A Day in the Life at Shaws Preschool

Let Them Play

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