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Our Campuses – East Coast / Katong Preschool

Shaws Preschool @ Katong Post

373 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437130

Shaws Preschool @ Tanjong Katong

4A Boscombe Rd, Singapore 439738

Shaws Preschool @ Mountbatten

855 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 437839

Our Campuses – Serangoon Gardens / Braddell Preschool

Shaws Preschool @
Braddell Heights

24 Lynwood Grove, Singapore 358666

Shaws Preschool @
Lorong Chuan

5 Mei Hwan Dr, Singapore 568346

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Why More Parents Choose Shaws

My firstborn was very shy and needed a lot of coaxing and encouragement before she was willing to try anything. After joining Shaws Preschool, I noticed a positive change in my daughter’s confidence and willingness to open up and socialise with other kids. I was pleased with the principal and teachers’ efforts to make my child feel welcomed and at ease.


Qiwei and Ailin
(Parents of Anya, Braddell Heights)

We were looking for a preschool with a good balance of structured learning along with play. As Jed is an active kid, lots of outdoor time and space to explore and run about were important to our search criteria.

Shaws Loring Chuan fit the bill with their emphasis on teaching through play and encouraging their students to be brave, adventurous and courageous. We particularly appreciate the effort Shaws puts into conducting lessons inside and outside the classroom — allowing preschool students the right mix of hands-on practical learning as well as indoor theoretical learning.


Jed and his mum, Lorong Chuan

Our criteria for a preschool is that our son, Joseph, needed to have fun and enjoy school and Shaws’ learning through play philosophy immediately appealed. The other big draw was the excellent bilingual programme with an English- and Chinese-speaking teacher in every class. Every day has just been about having fun, and everything he has learned has flowed naturally from that. The delight on Joseph’s face when we drop him off at school is a major highlight for us. There’s not been one day when he hasn’t been eager to get to school!


Katie and James
(Parents of Joseph, Katong Post)

We love that Shaws has a play-based approach – that is perfect for our little ball of energy! Harrison loves Messy Play Day every Wednesday and the weekly Sports Day. He also loves his new friends. He’s too young to talk properly, but he comes home and says their names excitedly.


Chris and Marie
Parents of Harrison, Tanjong Katong

Shaws is perfect for active kids like Elliot. He loves the sensory and messy play that is always on the agenda at Shaws. It is ideal for active kids, lots of sports and play on the timetable, which was important to us alongside the developmental and academic learning. It’s fantastic to see Elliot drawing and painting daily, as well as participating in dress-up days every few weeks. Under the gentle guidance of his teachers, we see how his confidence grows. His fine motor and language skills have also developed rapidly in the space of a few months at Shaws.  


Philippa and Bertrand
(Parents of Elliot, Mountbatten)

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