Where is Shaws Braddell Heights Located?

Picture a quiet pristine neighbourhood, framed by lush tropical trees, away from the noise and heavy traffic. That is where Shaws Braddell Heights is located at: 24 Lynwood Grove, in a cosy little cottage within the idyllic Braddell Heights residential estate in Serangoon.

Established in 1990, Shaws Preschool at Braddell was one of the first play-based schools in Singapore. Every aspect of our preschool is designed for our children to discover experiential learning through play and adventure.

Located away from the bustling city, the children get to be among nature in the serene surrounding environment. The morning walk to our school is always a calming one, soothed by the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. Often, our children are greeted by our friendly neighbours while they do their morning runs or a spot of gardening. 

The school itself has a big field for our children to expend their energy in. Some of the activities the little ones do here include all manner of sports, sandplay, waterplay and outdoor play. On some days, if you are lucky, you can spot hornbills on the tree, squirrels scurrying on the fence, and even inquisitive parakeets chirping!

What Are the Unique Features of Shaws Braddell Heights?

Children exercising in the field

Shaws Braddell Heights stands out with our expansive field that allows for numerous outdoor activities for our children, such as sports, gardening, mud play and waterplay. Even under the strict COVID-19 guidelines, our children could still spend quality time in the open spaces daily for outdoor play. Now that restrictions are slightly eased, we have resumed most activities while taking the right precautions and safety measures.

Our sandpit and mud kitchen offer the little ones outlets to get their creative juices flowing, while our long and wide driveway is great for tricycle play and messy play activities. We also hold Messy Play and Little League (Sports) activities every week on Thursdays and Fridays. Our kids are always looking forward to that!

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Meet the Teachers at Shaws Braddell Heights!

Ms Ashmita

Shaws encourages children to develop dispositions for learning such as confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination. It’s an honour to see the children’s self-confidence soar. Everyday at Shaws is packed with excitement for everyone—children and teachers alike.

Lin Laoshi

My love for children led me to become a preschool educator. I strive to offer my best to the children under my care. Beyond educating them, I love giving them hugs, words of encouragement, high-fives and plenty of smiles. My reward is the respect from not only the children, but their parents as well! I love growing up with the children at Shaws Braddell Heights!

Teacher Amalina

I like how Shaws has a welcoming vibe and embraces differences. I enjoy working with a close-knitted team of teachers who are always on a lookout for each other. At Shaws, the fun comes in learning through play. That’s why I get to be an edutainer; being both educational and entertaining.


Song Laoshi

I love the outdoor space and how the curriculum is run, everyday is a fun day with the children and colleagues. Bouncing ideas on how to make our class activities interesting, not forgetting working together as a team to prepare the learning centre materials that cater to the different levels. Everyday, I look forward to coming to work as everyone in Shaws @ Braddell is a teamplayer.

Rong Laoshi

I feel appreciated here and my hard work is being recognised. I feel all efforts are paid off when parents feedback that their children love Mandarin and are able to articulate and speak confidently since most of them come from an English speaking background. This motivates me to go the extra mile and I find comfort in doing the things I do as at the end of the day, I know the children are learning new things everyday.

What’s a Typical Day at Shaws Braddell Heights Like?

The day begins at our vast, open field, where the children play with their peers upon arrival. At 8:30am, the children will be gathered from the playground, sandpit and sports areas and ushered into their classroom for circle activity, followed by a morning snack.

Then it’s lesson time! English Curriculum begins, followed by outdoor play, sensory play or gardening, depending on the day of the week. As we follow a play-based curriculum, we ensure that the children explore non-academic activities on top of academic subjects.

After the play session, the children start their Chinese curriculum. We designed small group activities for both English and Chinese lessons for the children to work with their peers or independently. Then it’s break for lunch!

The second half of the day is for children on the full-day programme. The non-nappers will join the Shaws Play Club, where they will engage in a different activity each day. Your children will learn cooking, dive into arts and crafts or pick up a new sport! Every day at Shaws Preschool is a different and fun experience!

What Do Kids at Shaws Braddell Heights Eat?

Preschool nutrition is important for the little ones to grow! We know different children have different preferences, so we serve a variety of Asian and western food such as pasta and claypot rice. As we are big on healthy eating, we only serve whole grain pasta and rice.

For snack breaks in the morning and afternoon, the children enjoy fruits and biscuits, along with milk. We also make sure that we check with parents on any food allergies that their children may have.

We take nutrition seriously at Shaws and make sure that our children are not served sugary drinks or processed food. This ensures that they will be able to grow and develop healthy and active minds and bodies during their important formative years.

Meet The Principal of Shaws Braddell Heights!

Iqlimah Zain, Shaws Braddell Heights
Here’s our energetic principal, Iqlimah Zain, fondly known as IQ! With over 17 years of experience in the preschool industry, IQ has long advocated for inclusive education. She believes that education must be holistic and encompassing, with careful consideration of every child’s unique needs.

Her vision for Shaws Braddell Heights is to nurture resilient and respectful children in a safe environment by encouraging child-led activities that spur the children to learn and discover the world around them in a self-directed fashion.

In her personal time, IQ is an adrenaline enthusiast who enjoys water rafting, sky-diving and bungee jumping. She feels that the adrenaline rush from these activities helps with her concentration. As a stress buster, she turns to horseback riding. It’s one of her favourite activities when overseas!


Shaws Braddell Heights’ Educational Philosophy

About our school’s philosophy, IQ has this to say:

“I believe everyone is unique, and that we all learn differently. As an educator, I have always believed in experiential learning, where children are encouraged to learn and discover new things. 

At Shaws Braddell Heights, every day is an adventure! We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. All children are inquisitive—the more you do with them, the more they learn. For instance, by growing a garden, our children can learn the process of photosynthesis in an experiential, hands-on manner. This way, they can identify, observe, discover, and retain in their memory how plants grow, and understand what they’ve learned in a faster manner.”


Girl having messy play fun

Memorable Moments

Children in the garden

Curious to know what were the memorable moments at Shaws? So are we!

Let us take a leaf from the past as Principal IQ shares her treasured memories of Shaws in bygone years.

“My favourite memory was of a carnival a decade ago at the Mountbatten campus where all the five campuses came together for a day of fun and we all got to know each other. It was a treat for the educators to meet the parents and colleagues from the different schools. The best part of the day was seeing the little ones having the time of their lives at the game stations, photo booth and sports area.”

We hope you enjoyed your stay here at the Braddell Heights page and learned a thing or two about our cherished school. Curious to know more? Simply arrange a time with us by filling the form below. We’d love to host you at our cosy premises!

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