Shaws Curriculum


Project based learning enables the teachers to facilitate the children through in-depth studies of real world topics. The children are highly motivated and actively involved in their own learning, leading them to produce high quality work and grow as confident individuals. In addition to this, it gives them the skills and confidence to explore and research any topic that they are interested in on their own.

What is a project?

A project is an in-depth study of a real-life topic that the children are interested in.

The children discuss the topic and come up with areas they would like to investigate. For example, Gold Cosmos class at Shaws Braddell were talking about their bodies. They started asking questions about what is inside their skin. From there, the children talked about bones. The very next day, the teacher brought in a skeleton (which the children quickly named Skelly).

The children could not stop talking about the different parts of Skelly. They came up with a list of questions, and spent the next 8 weeks investigating their questions, with the teachers helping and facilitating. For each project, the children are involved in the whole process – the planning, the implementing and presenting the project findings.

What is the difference between this curriculum and an integrated or thematic curriculum?

The difference is subtle, but very noticeable to the children.

Let us explain with an example. Previously, if the children were interested in outer space, the teachers would research all about outer space, and facilitate learning on the interesting aspects of outer space based on what the teacher finds interesting. This may include different planets in the solar system.

With the Shaws curriculum, the teachers will have to work with the children to find out what interests the children. For example, when the Kindergarten Class at Shaws Mountbatten were discussing space, the children focused on the moon. Even when the teachers asked broader questions, the children had more and more questions about the moon. The children came up with a long list of questions about the moon which they so eagerly researched over the following 8 weeks. The children are more involved in their research because they are researching topics and questions they themselves are very interested in.

The verdict?

The children – “We love it!!”

The teachers – “We love it too! It is amazing! The children are so engaged in their own learning. They take responsibility for their own learning like never before. It really, really works!”

The Curriculum Team – “It was a challenge to develop. It is a programme that is unique to Singapore. But once we rolled it out, the teachers and children are embracing it. This new curriculum has certainly added much to our existing curriculum. It has added much to the children too. The questions they are asking in the classrooms would amaze you. They are intelligent, well thought out questions. And the children have the skills to go out and find the answers.”

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