The Shaws Preschool curriculum places a strong emphasis on building confident children. This includes confidence in the water with our Shaws Water Confidence Programme.

We have our very own private swimming pool located at our Lorong Chuan campus, so children enrolled in our three campuses in Braddell/Serangoon Gardens are able to enjoy free Shaws Water Confidence classes as part of our curriculum.


Why do we believe water confidence is important?

Before learning to swim, it is important that children feel confident and capable in the water. This includes learning to stay afloat, learning to jump safely in the water, and to know what to do when they are in trouble in the water. Once a child builds confidence in the water, learning to swim is a piece of cake!


Aside from confidence, experiences in the water are great for brain development. When children are in the water, they are in an environment full of complex sensations. This stimulates the growth of connections between neurons in the brain, and this is great for brain development. It may sound far fetched, but yes, this does have correlation to children’s cognitive abilities as they grow!

But hey, at Shaws, we believe that learning must be fun! So aside from all the benefits above, the children are having fun!


Note – Shaws Water Confidence classes are at no extra charge at Shaws Lorong Chuan, Shaws Carmichael, and Shaws Braddell. Lessons are held in our private pool at our Lorong Chuan campus.