Did you know that the average age for children to go to the toilet by themselves is 27 months.  So Mums and Dads, there is no rush!  There is no magic moment to start potty training.   Do what is right for your child, and what’s practical for your family.


First, ask yourself, “Is my child physically ready?”  Your child is ready when she can recognise the urge to relief him/herself.  Another sign of readiness is when your child can hold her bladder for at least 60 min.


Next, ask yourself, “Is my child intellectually ready?” Your child is ready when he/she can inform you of her urge, and follow simple instruction from you.


Finally, ask yourself, “Am I ready?” Are you able to consistently maintain the routine?  Yes, this includes when you are out shopping for groceries, or when you are visiting a friend. When adults are inconsistent with the routine, you are sending mixed signals to your toddler.  Your child can get confused about when he/she should tell you of her needs, and when he/she should just do it.


And if your child is at school, don’t forget to communicate with the school. When you start potty training at home, your child should also be doing it at school. It may work a little differently at school in a school setting, but talk to the teachers, and together, it will happen.

Most importantly, support your child positively through the process and do not shame him/her when accidents happen.  Accidents are going to happen, thus the training diapers.  Potty training is another life skill that young children need to accomplish.  It will take a lot of support from the adults around them.


And if your child is not ready, and is unhappy with the whole process, leave it for a while, and try again in a few months.


Serina Teo, Curriculum Specialist