At Shaws Preschool, we want to provide the children who come to us with everything possible to face the world once they leave Shaws Preschool.  How do we accomplish all this in the time they are with us at school?  We have so many things we want them to experience, there is just not enough time in one day!

At Shaws Preschool, we do this by focusing on WHY we are doing what we do – the why being inculcating a strong set of values.  We ensure that we pick our activities and set the curriculum, not with a pre-set pedagogy or programme in mind, but instead with the values that we want our children to have. Every thing we do everyday must be in line with these values


A Shaws child should be a confident child. This includes communicating well, and always trying new things, enjoys learning. Confidence stems from having a healthy sense of self-respect and self-worth, and a drive to keep trying and to improve themselves. Along with confidence in themselves, we want children to appreciate the value of others.  Empathy is important as it relates to interactions with others. Manners are very important at all times. As is humility.


We always try to foster and active and curious mind. Everything we do must encourage thinking outside the box, questioning and continually trying to find a solution to problems, never taking any assumptions for granted. After all, in the business world, the person who solves the biggest problems generally is the most successful!


We want our children to be themselves – to think for themselves, even when it doesn’t align with others ideas. Individuality also includes problem solving, being able to fix things, and simple day-to-day activities without over reliance on someone.


Children must know to always maintains the highest level of ethical conduct. This is not always easy, and even more so for children. This also includes accepting the consequences (good and bad) of their decisions.


We want our children to accept new challenges, to keep trying, and to continuously become their best selves. Complacency is heavily discouraged, with children consistently being pushed to seek the next level of achievement or knowledge. It is also learning how to loose graciously, and try again.

With these values in mind, we have no doubt that our children will be ready for life, as well as Primary One or Grade One. The academics is the easy part – research has time and time again reaffirmed this. Weaving these values through everything we do everyday at Shaws, be it our sports sessions, outdoor play, Chinese lessons, teaching Math concepts, coding classes, etc.

This is the difference that sets Shaws Preschool apart from other preschools, and that has set us apart for the last 30 years. This is what we are proud of.

When you walk through any Shaws Preschool, we are sure you will see these values through our children. And just in case you are still worried if your child is academically prepared, have a look at the work the children produce. Not only is it of a standard that is more than sufficient for school, it is filled with Confidence, Creativity, Individuality, Integrity and Resilience!