Your child is starting preschool, and the first few days might be tearful as your child gets used to their new school without you. Depending on the school you choose, the first “drop off day” may be their first day of preschool or their third or fourth day.  At Shaws Preschool, we encourage a parent to stay for the first couple of days. So the first real “drop off and go” day will likely be the third or fourth day. Whether it is the first or the third day, here are some tips to make drop off a little easier for both your child and you.

Plan to stay a little while

On the day you are doing the “drop and go”, come early enough to stay a little while before leaving. This 15 to 20 minutes on the first day you are doing the drop-and-go can help to ease the transition. Once you see that your child is a little more comfortable, and a teacher is right there to be with your child, say goodbye and leave.  It is important that a teacher is there so that your child has a caring adult right by their side.

Stay positive

It is important that your body language is positive. Children pick up on negative vibes. Stay positive so your child remains positive too.  We cannot stress this point enough!  

Let your child know when you are coming back to pick them up

Most young children can’t tell the time, so instead of letting them know what time you are coming back, use an activity that they can relate with. For example, “I am coming to pick you up after lunch”.  So your child knows, after lunch, I will see Mum or Dad.

Resist running back

If you hear your child calling for you or crying, resist the urge to run back into the classroom. Your child will feel a little sad or scared when you first leave. However, give the teachers a chance to make him feel safe and secure. If they are not able to, they will call you back. Do allow the teachers a few minutes to settle your child. Remember, the teachers have many years of experience settling in new children.  If you are unsure, speak to the Principal or teachers and they can arrange for a little area for you to wait near the classroom. Alternatively, they can give you a call to update you on how your child is doing after you have left.

Make the first drop off day shorter

We usually encourage parents to come a little earlier for the first drop off day. For example, if your child ends preschool at 12 noon, come at about 11 am. And slowly increase the hours. This gives your child time to adjust.

When you pick your child up, talk to your child about their day

Focus on the positives, the things they enjoyed that day, and what fun they had at school. Share the things your child liked with the teachers, so they can prepare those activities for the first few days until your child has settled in.

We hope these tips help make drop off a little easier. Do remember to talk to the teachers and the Principal. And if you’re at home wondering how your child is at school, pick up the phone and give them a call, anytime! 

Liane Shaw, Director of Play

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