Back by popular demand, the ShawsTalks Series is back in September.  

Join Imeelia Ismail-Tan (Curriculum Director) and Serina Teo (Curriculum Specialist) for the following webinars.  Sign-up from 21 August, or register your interest with us at dana@shaws.com.sg

The Serious Business of Play

Tues 8 Sept, 4pm  | Serina Teo

Children learn best though PLAY! In this webinar, Curriculum Specialist, Serina Teo will share the different ways children play, and how these play experiences make immense learning opportunities for our children. This webinar also offers parents tips and tricks on how to support your child’s play, and make the best out of your shared play times.

Preparing our K2 children for Primary One during Covid

Sat 12 Sept, 11am  |  Imeelia Ismail-Tan & Serina Teo

As we move into our last quarter of the school year, we are looking forward to seeing our next batch of K2 children graduating and moving on to Primary school. Join our Curriculum Team for a look at some of the key skills and experiences that our preschoolers need to smoothly transition into big school, and how we prepare them through the ShawsPlay curriculum in the midst of Covid-19.

Foundations of Success – Preparing our children with Essential Life Skills

Thurs 17 Sept, 4pm | Imeelia Ismail-Tan

Confidence, Creativity, Grit and Resilience have been found to be closely linked to lifelong success. Children don’t just pick up these skills by chance – they need to be fostered through meaningful real-life experiences. Research also tells us that developing these skills is crucial in the early years. In this webinar with our Curriculum Director, Imeelia Ismail-Tan, we explore the different essential life skills, why they are so important for our children, and how we creatively nurture these skills through intentional practices and fun play experiences.