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Teach your preschooler age-appropriate life skills

Wonder what life skills to teach your little ones at different ages? We’ve got you covered! 

Our FREE  parenting guide provides detailed age-appropriate life that you should equip your child with—from clearing away their toys to preparing simple meals for themselves. 

What you’ll get:
Shaws Preschool 20 Easy, Hands-On-Activities For Preschoolers
A list of age-appropriate essential life skills, divided into 4 stages
Shaws Preschool Hours Of Fun + Bonding At Home
Developmental milestones for kids from 2 to 6 years of age
Shaws Preschool No More Boredom Or Tears
Instructions on how to develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills
Shaws Preschool 5 Vital Learning Areas
Information on how you can help your child grow in an all-rounded way
Shaws Preschool 5 Vital Learning Areas
What you can do to prepare your child for different life stages