Where is Shaws Lorong Chuan Located?

Shaws Lorong Chuan is at 5 Mei Hwan Drive, a serene estate of landed properties close to Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and the Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood. Our preschool first started in 2017 when we took over the former Cambridge preschool, and remodelled it to a play-based preschool.

Mei Hwan Drive is a quaint leafy little neighbourhood with original houses that were not “rebuilt” (unlike other parts of Serangoon Garden). This helps to maintain its neighbourly kampong feel. Many of the residents — our neighbours so to speak — have lived here for a long time and know each other well. We often see them go for walks together, with their dogs in tow!

In the mornings, we can spot and hear quite a few colourful parrots up in the trees around the school. Our kids love playing “spot the parrot!”

What Are the Unique Features of Shaws Lorong Chuan?

Beyond our unique location, Shaws Lorong Chuan actually comprises two housing units fused into one. This gives our facilities ample space, providing our preschoolers with lots of room to roam around, explore and learn — both outdoors and indoors.

We also have a pool that is perfect for water play activities (and cooling down in Singapore’s hot weather), as well as ample pockets of space for children to run around and play in. In short, we never run out of space, or ideas for that matter!

What’s a Typical Day at Shaws Lorong Chuan Like?

With play-based learning as our core curriculum, the fun starts the moment our children walk through the gates!

Once they’re here, they’ll start playing in our various play areas — playground, cycling area, sand pit, mud kitchen, and other spaces — until the bell rings for their morning assembly or circle time. This is when we do our morning greetings, show and tell, sing and dance to our favourite songs, as well as our news board sharing session.

It is then time for class! To keep their energies up, our children have breaks in between classes where they get to go out and play again.

What about the second half of the day? Our half-day programme kids will go off at 1 pm, while our full-day children will nap from 1 pm to 3 pm.

For children who do not nap, we will engage them with Shaws Play Club! Offering a different activity each day — Shaws Little League (sports for kids), Little Chefs, Art Club, Water Confidence, and Chinese Culture Club. The fun never stops, and the best thing is that our kids will be learning every step of the way.

What Do Kids at Shaws Lorong Chuan Eat?

Preschool children are always hungry! To provide them with energy, help their growing bodies develop, and satisfy their tastebuds, our kitchen team comes up with a wide variety of foods.

We serve seasonal fruit for a morning snack, and a hot and tasty nutritious lunch. Lunch consists of a variety of Asian and Western food — from Singapore chicken rice, Italian pasta, Thai style chicken, Korean glass noodles (japchae), to Chinese porridge (congee).

Afternoon snacks may include a cereal with milk, oatmeal, corn bread, or other equally yummy foods. As advocates for healthy eating, we serve brown rice and pasta, and do not serve sugary drinks or any processed food to our children.

Meet the Teachers at Shaws Lorong Chuan!

Zou Lao Shi

Since joining Shaws, I’ve gone darker! That’s because I spent my days playing under the sun, surrounded by the laughter of the children. School life is exciting and invigorating in Shaws.

I believe in Shaws educational philosophy — the effort that I’ve put in so far has been well worth it.

Teacher A’rifah

I have been on this wonderful journey of preschool education for 20 years! I am constantly fascinated with how the precocious minds of my young charges work as well as their perceptions of life.

When not working with children, I love travelling and interacting with Mother Nature.
Being an adventurous person, Shaw Preschool’s “A World of Learning through Adventure” suits me to a T!

Teacher Xiu Wen

A recent graduate of SUSS Early Childhood Education, I’m glad to return to Shaws where I interned as  a full-fledged teacher! I love talking to children and playing with them. It is pure joy!

In my own time, I enjoy jamming to old songs, bonding with my family and friends over mahjong, and the great outdoors. I chose to begin my teaching journey at Shaws for its philosophy and the team of supportive, encouraging staff!

Teacher Anna

Since my first day in early childhood education three years ago, I’ve been in love with this profession! I love working with kids because every child sees the world through their own individual and unique perspective! 

In my free time, I like to bake, go rock climbing and find new trails to hike together with my daughter.

Teacher Amritha

Although I am fairly new to the Early Childhood industry, I am grateful that I chose this path when I see the smiling faces of the children I teach! 

My hobbies include singing, playing instruments such as the guitar, ukulele and piano, and Classical Indian Dance — an art I practised for the past 13 years. 

I decided to join Shaws as I was intrigued by its unique curriculum. I don’t regret it one bit!

Zhang Laoshi

I taught for many years before discovering Shaws Preschool. I was attracted to the school’s philosophy and teaching approach. 

What sets it apart from others is that the school has its own curriculum. 

I’ve been to many different schools, with their own character and specialities, but I most prefer Shaws philosophy and approach.

Che Laoshi

I’ve been in the early childhood industry for 20 years, and have worked as a curriculum planner, trainer and school manager. When not working, I enjoy listening to music, reading and exercising to stay healthy.

Having worked in Shaws for more than a year, I love and enjoy the multi-faceted play based curriculum.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to join this big family to learn and grow with the children in a happy environment.

Teacher Syaheera

I’ve been teaching since 2012. Children are inquisitive learners which makes being an educator more meaningful and purposeful. 

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. What made me join Shaws is the fixed working hours which allows me to have a good work life balance. Not forgetting the play based curriculum that brings lots of fun to learning!

Teacher Sakinah

Since young, I’ve always wanted to be an educator as my mother was one too. Having three younger siblings made caring for kids something that came naturally to me. 

After being in three other schools, Shaws was a breath of fresh air! I love that the curriculum is always evolving and is kept current with the ever changing early childhood field. This will be my 9th year in Shaws and I look forward to more years!

Wu Laoshi

Back in China, I worked in preschools for four years before coming to Shaws Preschool in Singapore. 

I enjoy working in a preschool environment, as I find it a blessing to work with children. 

When I’m not working I’m an avid traveller and foodie. 

I love working in Shaws as I like the school’s belief in respecting teachers and children.

Teacher Rochel

Yes! It’s my 14th year as a Shaws teacher and I am still a firm advocate of learning through play. I love how we give opportunities to children to ‘learn by doing’ and enjoy seeing the kids having a fun mess during messy/ water play days! 

Shaws’ openness to adapting to changing times helps me grow as an educator. 

My daughter is my source of strength and helps me give my best in everything I do. I communicate with her every day and share what our day has been.

Meet The Principal of Shaws Lorong Chuan!

Introducing our principal Deborah Shaw! An 18-year veteran in early childhood education, she enjoys working with children because she loves the way they look at the world.

“I love to see them grow and I love to see all the things they learn and how surprised they are at things. It is that innocence that makes them so unique. I like how genuine they are, and at the same time, love to learn from them. Even though they might be little, they are great teachers just because of the way they see life,” shared Deborah.

A woman with many talents and interests, Deborah enjoys travelling, singing, baking, jewellery making and dancing — “I am learning Bachata and Salsa at the moment.” She is also a certified Zumba instructor and the proud paw-rent of a maltipoo named Scooter.

Shaws Lorong Chuan’s Educational Philosophy

To learn about our school’s philosophy, we passed the mic over to our principal Deborah. Let’s read what she says!

“I believe that every child is an individual. As an educator, I value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning. The early years of a child’s life are busy. I believe learning is happening all the time and is interwoven through all developmental domains. These include: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and other domains.

My aim is to make this ongoing learning experience safe, positive, and fun, nurturing the whole child as I strive to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for learning.”

Memorable Moments

Curious to know what were the memorable moments at Shaws Lorong Chuan? So are we!

Once again, our principal Deborah shares her reflections with us here.

“We used to have a carnival every year. This was a time when we all got together, giving us the opportunity to meet the children and parents from the other campuses — it really made everyone feel like family. Our 30th anniversary carnival stood out to me…it was a great way to celebrate what Shaws has achieved as a family of preschools. Filling up the time capsule with our very first uniform, first class photo, and other memorability was pretty emotional for me….and it brought back a lot of memories.”

Like Deborah, thinking back about Shaws Lorong Chuan made our eyes moist. We hope you’ve discovered what you needed to know about our lovely preschool, and look forward to hosting you here.

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