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6 tips for stress-free potty training

Toilet training can often be a source of stress for Mums and Dads, and children too! Our advise is... relax, everyone eventually learns to use the toilet. The average age for toilet training is three, and thats just the average. Toilet train only when you see signs...

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5 signs that my child is ready for potty training

There is no specific age to toilet train a child. Instead, look out for signs that your child is ready to give it a go. Now remember, no two children are alike. So if your child resists, do consider leaving it for a little while, and try again some time later. To help...

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Nurturing confident speakers

Shaws Preschool prides itself in nurturing confident children. One of the areas of confidence our children are strong in is the ability to stand up and speak confidently. We have many areas in our curriculum that support this, one of which is Show and Tell, which...

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My child won’t eat! What do I do?

Some parents are amazed when we tell them how much their child eats at school. “Are you sure?” they ask. “My child barely eats at home!” Here are 5 tips we have for parents... 1. Serve meals when your child is hungry! Don’t give your child a big snack, and then expect...

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Is your child preschool-ready?

Is your child preschool-ready?

There is no checklist to complete, and not all children develop at the same pace. So how do we know? It is also important to note that preschool is different from one-hour enrichment programmes. The enrichment programmes are often crammed with activities.

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