Shaws Preschool prides itself in nurturing confident children. One of the areas of confidence our children are strong in is the ability to stand up and speak confidently. We have many areas in our curriculum that support this, one of which is Show and Tell, which starts as early as in the Pre-Nursery class.

Show and Tell is great for confidence building, as not only do the children get a chance to show off their “prized possessions”, it gives the children experiences in public speaking.

The children learn that they need to speak loudly and clearly to gain the attention of their audience.

They also learn how to communicate through body language.  They learn to answer questions posed on their topic, clearly and to the point. All within the safe environment of their classroom and friends.

By the time the children graduate in Kindergarten Two, they would have gained over fours years of experience in Show and Tell. They are able to stand up with confidence, and share a topic clearly and with confidence.

In fact, we sometimes have to set a timer for Show and Tell in Kindergarten Two, as the children are confidently able to go on and on!


Liane Shaw, Director of Play