A common question we get is – How do I deal with my child through the “no” phase, which typically is when they are around 2 years old.

Here’s what we do at school.

1. Children at during this stage want independence and control of their environment. We give them the opportunity to have this by allowing them to do things for themselves – such as putting on their shoes and wiping up the table after snack time. This gives them the satisfaction of being able to compete a task.

2. Where possible, we give them choices. During activity time, we set up many activities for them to choose from. They can choose which activity to work on.

3. We avoid using the word “no” or “don’t” in the classroom. For example, instead of “no running”, we say “walk slowly”.

4. Routine routine routine! Routine provides children with security – they know what is going to happen next. Our daily classroom schdule is build around a similar daily routine.

We hope this helps. But do remind yourselves that this phase is part of growing up, full of learning experiences for your child, including learning right from wrong. And we promise you it does end as some stage… at least before college 😉