Everyday is an adventure at Shaws!

Just look at the smiling faces coming to school every morning to know this is an environment where learning is fun, questions are encouraged and success is the outcome. Whether that success be creative, sporting or academic you will always know a Shaws learner when you meet one! You can trust us, with our 32 years of experience and expertise, and having served over 8000 families. 

We believe in PLAY to prepare our children with academic and essential life skills. With our ShawsPlay curriculum, all Shaws children will be prepared for school and for life.

ShawsPlay curriculum merges inquiry- based learning, play-based approaches and learning through play, in order to ensure that children enjoy learning, are prepared for formal school, and are prepared for life with essential life skills!

Why ShawsPlay?

  1. Learning through PLAY.  This means that learning is hands on-on, involves the real world and happens through exploration. For example, in a class where the children were learning about capacity, the teacher set out various containers of different shapes and sizes, and casually asks “I wonder which of these holds the most cupfuls of water?” The children excitedly began filling different containers with the same cup, counting how many “cupfuls” they could “fit” in each container. They began to ask questions about why two containers that looked different(onetallandthin,andone round and low) seemed to hold the same amount of water. The questions continued, and the children re-counted just to make sure. This is learning through play. The children are not only learning, but they truly understand the concepts.
  2. ShawsPlay involves different types of PLAY. This varies depending on the activities and objectives. Some activities call for free play, often where children are given the opportunity to work on creativity, resilience and social development. Some activities call for guided play, where a teacher is around
  3. It is an Inquiry-based learning curriculum. This provides children with the opportunities to explore and ask questions. As they study real-life topics that they are curious about, they raised questions and from there find out more on the subject matter, and derive their own answers.
  4. Children will develop a LOVE for learning. Because learning is fun, they learn to love the process, and they take this love for learning even after they leave Shaws preschool.
  5. YES! They will be prepared for school!  A common question is “Will my child be prepared for school when they leave us Kindergarten Two?” The answer is yes! Whether they go to a local school or international school, they have solid foundations both academically and for life! Just visit our Kindergarten Two classrooms and see all the rich learning going on. The children are able to speak confidently, they can write, they have strong Math foundations, they are resilient, they are strong in sport, and so much more. And most of all, they are happy children!