It is almost time for your child to leave preschool and embark on their ‘big school’ journey!!

Let’s assume your child has attended a preschool that has prepared them academically (at Shaws they will be ready and have been for the last 31 years!) GREAT! 

The academic preparation is the easy part! 

Here are some things that we at Shaws Preschool, believe are equally, if not more important, to prepare your child for Primary One.


1. Ensure your child is confident and independent. 

When they leave preschool, they are the oldest in their preschool. When they enter Primary One, they are the youngest. It is important that children are confident (without being cocky) and independent. They should be able to be responsible for their school bag, their wallet, and their water bottle. If they are taking the school bus, they should be able to locate the bus and hop on confidently. If they are unsure, they should be able to ask for help.

Knowing your child has these skills will make you feel so much better about them taking their next steps!

2. Visit the Primary School a few times before your child’s first day.

This gives your child the opportunity to be familiar with the environment, including knowing where the toilets are, where the canteen is, and where to go for help if they need help. How many children are in school, meet some of their teachers. 

It gives you the opportunity to visualize these places when your child tells you about their day. To know what a teacher looks like if your child has them for Maths class. To feel part of their journey.

3. Children should be able to buy snacks and stationary.

Primary One is often the first time a child is responsible for money. At Shaws, we usually take the Kindergarten Two children to visit a Primary school, and we let them buy a snack with their own money. This gives them a chance to practice before they start at a big school.

If they are not able to visit the school and buy a snack, let your child do it at a hawker center or even at the supermarket.  When you know they can do it you can rest easier.

4. Encourage your child to talk about their day.

This is a great way to find out how they are doing. Ask them open-ended questions like what was your favorite thing that happened today and why? Was someone kind to you today/ where you kind to someone today? 

At Shaws Preschool, the Kindergarten Two children write a journal every week. We encourage children to continue to do this when they go to Primary One, journaling their thoughts and feelings.


5. Help your child create and settle into a new routine. 

Preschool is all about routine, and children work well with routine. It makes them feel safe and confident and in control. So do set a routine for your child when they start Primary One. You may want to set up a timetable to help with this. What time to get up, put their uniforms on, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, check they have everything they need for school? 

6. Now, Mums and Dads, this one is just for you! Give them a chance to try things on their own.  

Accomplishing a task by themselves gives children huge self-confidence and self-belief. Let them pack their own school bag if they forget a school book they will learn to pack it next time. This is part of growing up. It is best that they learn these skills when they are young and have you by their side. You will always be there to catch them if they fall. 

7. Don’t forget to allow time for PLAY!  

To be outside, to be with friends, to be together as a family, to have FUN!

To all our Shaws Preschool parents, bring your children back to Shaws and tell us all about they have been up to. Not just when you are in Primary One, but forever… 

Liane Shaw, Director of Play

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