Sport in young children provides many benefits including building confidence, teaching problems solving, instilling leadership skills, teaching teamwork, building resilience, and developing the brain. (Click here for more information on the benefits of sport).  

And that is why Sport is an important element in the Shaws Preschool curriculum.

Thus, when we put together our Home Based Learning  for children during the government circuit breaker, we also include a daily sport coaching session by the Shaws Little League coaches – daily for the Pre-Nursery and Nursery One (2 to 3 year olds), and daily for the Nursery Two to Kindergarten Twos (4 to 6 year olds). So each child will have a 20 to 30 minute coaching session every day. This keeps the children healthy while they are at home staying safe, and they continue with the many benefits that sport brings.

Check out one of N2 to K2 sessions here.