There is no specific age to toilet train a child. Instead, look out for signs that your child is ready to give it a go. Now remember, no two children are alike. So if your child resists, do consider leaving it for a little while, and try again some time later.

To help make the process less stressful for both you and your child, here are 5 signs that may indicate your child is ready for toilet training.


  1. Not wanting to stay in a wet diaper. Your child may pull or tug at their wet/soiled diaper to try and get it off.
  2. Is interested in using the toilet or going to the toilet
  3. Has a dry diaper for longer than usual – this shows that he/ she is able to hold their wee in his/her bladder
  4. Telling you (with words or actions) that they need to pee or poo before the do it in their diaper
  5. Begins to dislike wearing a diaper at all

Not all these signs need to be present, but if any of them are, it may indicate your child is ready to start toilet training.

How to make potty training less stressful