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Programme Plan

18 months to 3 years

The main objective of our toddler programme is to provide children with experiences, to support initiative, creativity, autonomy and self-esteem. Children at this age strive to be independent and self-reliant. However, they need the understanding and vigilance of adults who care for them.

Plenty of opportunities are given for exploration and discovery, eye-body coordination, auditory perception, and fine and gross motor skills.

Children are exposed to letters and their associated sounds in a fun way through Letter Land, rhymes, games and other fun activities. They are also exposed to pre-reading skills (same, different, similar), pre-writing skills (straight lines, curved lines, activities that strengthen fine motor skills), and problem solving skills (learning to think). Children are given the opportunity to understand numbers through pre-Maths activities. Books are used throughout the day in almost everything. Life skills are incorporated in everyday learning. Mandarin language is taught through fun activities so children develop a love for the language.

3 to 5 years

Between the ages of 3 and 5, gross motor development progresses rapidly as children begin to develop new skills and refine others. Children also experience phenomenal growth in language ability and mental representation. Opportunities for language expansion and cognitive development are generously provided. Opportunities are also provided for children to do these activities in pairs or in groups.

Maths at this level provides a more complex of understanding of numbers. Children will be provided with experiences in different combinations and properties of numbers (sets, separation, patterns, language, etc.). Children will also be exposed to mathematical language they will need in later years (more, less, longer, shorter, etc.).

Children will be able to read from basic to intermediate levels. The phonics programme will include beginning sounds, ending sounds, word families and consonant blends. There will be plenty of experiences for creative writing.

Chinese language will extend to more in-depth spoken skills and basic writing skills.

Our excursions will bring learning outside the school environment.

5 to 6 years

Children at this stage are confident, independent and more mature. Learning is so rapid as a firm foundation has already been set in the earlier years at Shaws. Division, multiplication, penmanship, story sums, compositions and reading are carried out at a higher level.

There is considerable work in reading and spoken skills in both Chinese and English, as is creative writing. Project work and life skills are mastered in preparation for further education, and in preparation for life.

Programme Details


Curriculum time runs from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided. Napping or non-napping options are available for Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten Two.

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Curriculum time runs from 8.30am to approx. 12.30pm. Ending time differs slightly for each level. Morning snack and lunch are provided.


Curriculum time runs from 8.30am to 3.20pm. Pickup by 3.30pm. Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided. Napping or non-napping options are available for Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten Two.

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Curriculum time runs from 2.00pm to approx. 5.00pm. Afternoon snack is provided.


2 Full days and 3 Half days – choices of days must be fixed.

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Come and join us for a morning of learning through play at Shaws Lorong Chuan. Open to children from 18 to 36 months, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. 

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